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Subject: RE: [Leica] OT: Developing Question (sample image) Help!
From: "Mark Cohen" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:09:51 -0800


It may be my resoluton, but I don't see "snow" there... What it do see
looks like reticulation. Which happens with you go from a warm bath to a
cold bath quickly. Reticulation looks like spider webs.. Is this image a
scan from a neg or a print

As for your times.. Dev looks right.. Stop is fine.. Fixing for 8
minutes is WAY too long.. You should only need to fix for 4 to 6
minutes.. Even at 6 minutes it's a little overkill.. 

You should also look into a hypo clearing agent.. It reduces time in the
wash, saving water and good for the environment. :) Also, be sure to
only add a drop (small drop) of wetting agent.. It really doesn't take
much and could leave a residue on your film that looks like water

By the way, if it's a slide scanner, could there be dust on the ccd?

- -Mark

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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT: Developing Question (sample image) Help!

Many thnaks to all who responded to my original post regarding my first
foray into b&w developing and my initial disappointment with the

Working on the basis that I probably overexposed and under fixed the
first roll of Delta 100 I just developed another roll with a shorter
development time and a longer fix time.  To determine the fix time I put
a piece of unprocessed film into the fix solution and waited to see how
long it took to go clear.  I could see through the film in under a
minute.  All I have read states that this time should be doubled which
would give two minutes fix time.  However, working on the assumption
that the snow on my images from the last roll could have been due to too
little fixing (and that was a five minute fix) I fixed this film for
eight minutes.

I processed as follows:  I developed in in Ilfotec HC (1+31) for 5.5
minutes starting with 10 seconds continuous agitation and then five
inversions every minute, used Ilfostop for 30 seconds, then Ilford Hypam
fixer for eight minutes with continuous inversions for the first minute
and then five inversion every minute, and washed for 15 minutes, adding
a little wetting agent at the end to aid drying.

Here is a sample of one of the images and, as you can see, the snow is
still there.

Can anyone say what is causing this snow on the image?  I have scanned
many Delta 100 & 400 images on my LS30 and never had this problem, so I
can only assume I am doing something wrong in the processing.

Thanks again for any advice.


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