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Subject: RE: [Leica] some quick q's from a new user
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:33:39 -0500

I would get the shade and lens cap post haste, but in the meantime use a UV
filter for a cap.  With my 50/2.0 lens, I place the middle finger of my left
hand in the concave area of the tab, with my thumb on the opposite side of
the lens focus ring.  Works for me.  I call this my super-secret M3 method.

I don't have an M6, so can't help with the other questions.  Have fun in the
Rockies (I love the 50mm focal length, but you are going to seriously wish
you had a wider angle lens!).


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> From: Steve King []
> Subject: [Leica] some quick q's from a new user
> Last week, I took a deep breath and purchased a well-used
> M6 classic and 50mm f2 Summicron from KEH. I'd been
> using a Contax G1; loved the lenses, but finally couldn't
> stand the automation, the finder and...the "gadgetry vibe",
> for lack of better expression. While it's far too early
> to profess that I'm a, these ARE nice cameras,
> aren't they? :)
> Anyway. Long story longer: I'm headed on trip to the mountains
> (CO.,US) tomorrow, and am intent on packing the M6. I neglected
> to purchase a lens cap, however. Normally I use hoods, at
> least with my SLR's, but I don't have that, either. Is
> there any sort of household cap, y'all are familiar with, that
> might serve as a make-shift lens cap for a 50mm Summicron?
> The camera will be jammed in a small, cheap belt-pack, when
> not being used, and I'm sortta loathe not to protect the
> lens surface (though it's fairly tough?).
> Second, I'm still not quite sure what doesn't/doesn't drain
> the batteries. If I leave the shutter speed set to something
> other than "B", but nothing touches the shutter-release...
> Are my batteries still draining?
> Third, for shooting against the snow (eg, ski slopes),
> what sort of metering compensation is generally recommended?
> The "usual"? Say +1.5/2EV? I'm a bit confused on how the meter
> works -- it's something of a large spot meter?
> The ergonomics of the focus-tab on the lens are new to me.
> I've found it most "natural" to hold my left hand (I'm
> right-eyed/handed) as if shooting a handgun, sideways, with the
> camera resting on the 2nd,3rd and 4th fingers, and the
> index finger pushing and pulling on the serrations of
> the tab. It's a bit awkward, but I assume I'll get used to
> it. Is this the fairly orthodox "grip"? Or is there the
> super-secret M6 method? :)
> Many thanks; I've enjoyed what I've read so far, since
> turning on this list, and the terrific photographs!
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