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Subject: Re: [Leica] Fixing up a Leica iiic and Summitar 2.0
From: "C. L. Basso, K.C.S., M.Sc." <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 18:25:45 -0500

At 07:56 2/19/02 -0800, Joe Stephens wrote:

>I recently got a M-6 TTL and after one shooting, I am practically ready to
>retire my Nikon F-5.

Horses for courses - I still keep my F3HP and F4s active (the Fs are 
gathering dust right now), because regardless of what some might say the M 
is not the be-all and end-all.  Heresy, I know :)

>I have a Leica iiic in my closet.

Lucky.  All I've got are skeletons...

>The shutter trips, but I can tell it's
>not accurate at slower speeds, and I can barely see the focus indicators on
>the rangefinder (maybe cleaning would help).  At 1/250 sec, the release
>seems smooth and quick.
>I've been told that the lens has "mold" even though I can't see it (it's a
>collapsible Summitar 5 CM F 2.0). The lens looks clean as a whistle to me,
>but it seems slightly "wobbly" when extended.

Mine's wobbly too, but it seems to work just fine.  May as well have it 
seen to when you send it off.  The Summitar takes weird filters.

>I'm thinking this could be a good "second camera" to the M-6.

Actually, I find myself carrying the IIIf and 50 collapsible 'cron more 
often than my Ms.  There's just something about the III-series that I 
love.  Maybe it helps that (sin of sins!) I prefer the 50mm focal length.

Using 'em is a lot less hassle if you trim the film leader properly.  Then 
loading the thing won't require eldritch chants and the sacrifice of a 
black chicken in the dark of the moon :)

>Do I have a prayer of having this camera restored to working condition?

Sure - even if the RF doesn't brighten up much, you can put a C/V 15 or 25 
on it and have a lot of fun.

>If so can anyone estimate a range of costs?

I recently had a CLA done on a IIIa and 50/2 Summar by Don Goldberg 
(  Call for a quote; I can't remember exactly what mine 
cost, but the turnaround was fairly quick and the price was fair.  Shutter 
sounded like new when I got it back.

Goodbye and hello, as always.
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C. L. Basso, K.C.S., M.Sc.         Walled Lake, Michigan
"The whole of life is /nothing/ more than questions that have taken unto
themselves shape, and bear within themselves the sum of their own answer:
and answers that are pregnant with questions.  Only fools see it otherwise."
  -- Gustav Meyrink, /Der Golem/

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