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Subject: Re: [Leica] With XP-2, why develop B/W?
From: bourgeois and biblical <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:24:19 -0600


> XP-2 isn't the *best* film out there, but I love the look.  At ISO400,
> it has relatively little shadow detail, but seemingly infinite highlight
> detail.  It looks, to me, as though a red filter was used all the time.
> I submit some of my own shots here as illustrations:

i use almost nothing except T400CN.  i love its tonal range and 
mega-latitude.  plus, i run a fuji frontier lab, so i can process it for 
cheap.  i push it to 3200 all the time and get good results--not the 
best shadow detail, but great hightlights.

i've also never had the contrast problem in the darkroom that i've heard 
others complain about.  i use ilford's #3 dichro numbers as a starting 
point, and usually stay right around them.

btw, i really love that pic of your wife whose URL you posted.  we 
should start a "sexy pictures of our wives" LUG page somewhere.  i got 
this book

for my wife for xmas last year.  i thought it was a perfect gift.

also, i appreciate the info you provide for all your photos.  i always 
want to know what lens was used, but few of us, myself included, usually 
give that info.


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