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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Salgado Revisted
From: Mike Gil <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:17:23 -0800 (PST)

How could you forgive or forget the Nazis.  They still
live among us. Maybe you never been to Germany and had
a boot up your ass by a neo-nazis.  I think if you
forgive the horror of the Nazis you open your self to
be blinded again.  To many people in america might be
of the opinion that german citizens where unwilling
accomplice to the horror of there history.


- --- "B. D. Colen" <> wrote:
> Well good for you, Allan. Congratulations on long
> ago having forgiven the
> Nazis. But then that doesn't surprise me for a
> number of reasons.
> No, I will never "forgive" nor forget the Nazis, and
> by Nazis I mean those
> who willingly joined the party, and those who
> supported the aims of the
> party. Nor for that matter, will I ever "forgive" or
> forget Stalin, Pol Pot,
> or any of the other first rate monsters of the 20th
> Century.
> B. D.
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> Behalf Of Allan
> Wafkowski
> Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 3:49 PM
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> Subject: [Leica] Re: Salgado Revisted
> I don't share your hatred for Nazis. Being Polish, I
> had a number of
> relatives who died at the hands of the Nazis. I have
> long ago forgiven
> them. How can you talk about compassion when you
> cannot rise from the
> cinders of your own hatred? You say you feel for the
> poor, the naked,
> the sick, the homeless--but that is only a fantasy.
> Where are the poor,
> naked, sick, and homeless close enough to you that
> you can reach out and
> offer solace? Only in your mind. I'll believe you
> are a man of
> compassion when you do the one thing that is in your
> power to do:
> forgive the Nazis--forgive those you hate.
> It does not matter whether you are a radical or
> liberal or conservative
> or reactionary (and who is not) if you do nothing.
> Allan
> On Tuesday, February 12, 2002, at 01:33 PM, B. D.
> Colen wrote:
> > That said, the fact that you would even think to
> compare Salgado, who,
> > as an
> > aside, I assume is a socialist, but who's prime
> motivating factor seems
> > to
> > be his desire to wake up those in the developed
> world to the plight of
> > those
> > less fortunate, with a supporter and propagandist
> for Aldoph Hitler and
> > the
> > genocidal Nazi regime, says far, far more about
> you than it does about
> > either Salgado or dear Leni.
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