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Subject: Re: [Leica] Is it now a ? for Ted
From: "Sonny Carter" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:25:49 -0600
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Gilbert, I totally understand.  I'm not one to tell someone that if they had
"moved the pile driver just to the right, the picture would be perfect."

I either like a picture or I don't.  Sometimes I send a comment that I like
the picture.  I rarely comment on technique, because I am not in the place.
I don't know their problems, I am unfamiliar with their equipment.

I like the way Ted makes suggestions about holding the camera level, and
other basics.  I've learned a lot from that kind of stuff.  I don't learn
anything from someone who says, " Too bad that bush was there."

The bush was there.  The shot would not have worked if I went and pulled it
away while the person continued their action.

I love doing the PAW.  It makes me work harder at this craft.  I will

Thanks to all the people who look at my shots and either criticise or don't.
Just look. If you like it say you do, if you don't, say so.

If you want to criticize, tell me something I can do about it.



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From: "J. Gilbert Plantinga" <>
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Is it now a ? for Ted

> on 1/30/02 5:01 PM, Ted Grant at wrote:
> > I see the PAW topic as a great learning opportunity for all, but
> > and I know Brian will have a solution for the traffic shortly. Until
> > happens, unless one has without question absolutely "how to information"
> > good, bad or ugly. It should be given with a reason beyond... "gee I
> > this!"  Please!
> >
> > Look nothing wrong with that, but if that's your comment then post it
> > private, isn't that a reasonable thing to do?  However, if you have some
> > absolutely essential information then please try and keep it short and
> > someone ahead of you has already said exactly what you're about to
> > post............ don't post the same thing. Isn't that a reasonable
> I agree with much of what Ted says here. Regarding the "PAW topic as a
> learning opportunity" as Ted calls it, I'll repost this link to my "What I
> Learned" page:
> As one who has done the PAW for a complete year, I strongly support those
> who are making the effort. However I see that some people systematically
> reply to each and every photo posted, as if it were a requirement for
> participation. When I think back about my own project and recall the weeks
> that drew no response whatsoever, I remember thinking "Well, that shot
> not have been all that bad, nobody hammered me!" But that more than
> else got me to go back out again and try to get the shot that would really
> "Wow" them! There was one person who began to comment on each and every
> picture. I grew to totally ignore his posts. And that's what I'm doing
> most of the critique being posted lately.
> Gilbert
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