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Subject: [Leica] Is it me or...
From: Craig Semetko <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:30:15 -0800

> Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 12:44:06 +0000
> From: "Gerry Walden" <>
> Subject: [Leica] Is it me or ....
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> Is it me or is the LUG getting dominated by PAW. Brian made a move to alter
> things in some way and I must confess to not responding, but I am now
> getting over 200 emails a day from LUG. Most of these are little interest to
> me as I do not wish to look at most of our members weekly offerings, far
> less comment on them or read others comments. I feel that the LUG is
> becoming boring and overloaded and I am thinking of signing off for this
> very reason. Is there any way we can change this for the better?
> Gerry

I agree with Gerry. While I think it is VERY valuable to see your own or
others' work critiqued, (I have learned loads from professional critiques) I
think the sheer volume of pictures and critiques overwhelms our ability to
assimilate lessons from them.

What about making it Picture of the Month? Only present your work once every
four weeks?  This doesn't mean people should stop taking pictures every
week, in fact they should take more, but it will force people to learn to
edit their own work, a practice many of us could benefit from. There would
be 38 less weeks spent being overwhelmed. That way we'd be looking at what
people consider their best shots, and I'm sure we'll still be able to find
something wrong with each to talk about. Or not.

Less Is More...

Too Much of A Good Thing...

Always Leave Them Wanting More...

Craig Semetko

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