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Subject: Re: [Leica] Alfie's January 26th PAW
From: Rob Heyman <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 17:54:04 +1000
References: <> <00cb01c1a5e1$5d510520$>

>Now Alfie mon ami it's your turn. ;-)
>>>>>This week my PAW is at:
>First, lets put this photograph into what one might call a 'fine art type
>picture." Sort of no reason for it other than creating an extremely fine
>technical print, but well executed nevertheless.
>What caught my eye first was the out of focus handrail on the left
>foreground and crooked. I think if the camera were held absolutely straight,
>possibly on a locked down tripod with a slightly lower angle, the lens
>stopped down to create a massive depth of field to include the hand rail
>sharply in focus with the depth of field carrying through to infinity
>would've been an improvement for starters.
>I'd have printed this down until the ground level and background trees were
>darker, almost creating a semi-silhouette for the railing and other elements
>along the sides in the foreground.
>And this is offered without standing there knowing how much space there was
>to the right as we view the picture.  Possibly some camera repositioning to
>the right to move the tree to the left would help providing the rail top
>wasn't dropped out. So you see there isn't much to play with there, maybe
>none at all.
>And always my biggest complaint where we have buildings, rooms and solid
>unmovable lines running vertical, please keep the camera absolutely correct
>vertically and horizontally!!!!!  UNLESS!! The leaning is done on purpose
>for an effect and not by lousy camera handling.
>Look at the window hanging on the left edge of the frame?  That's so
>obviously crooked it should've been corrected in the viewfinder or certainly
>in scanning or printing.  Which leads me to believe even the out of focus
>handrail would've been far more effective if sharp, straight and darker.
>Not to forget the out of focus wall on the right side edge of the frame as
>we view it. Darker and sharper.... AND straighter!! And it wouldn't have
>been so eye catching disturbing.
>So with out going on I trust these comments will assist you in the future
>and or if you have the opportunity to return to the same location and
>re-shoot, that would be wonderful, as that's always the best learning
>experience when it can be done and images compared.
>If you have further questions I'd be pleased to try and answer them, not
>only for you, but the complete crew. So post openly
>Ted Grant Photography Limited
Now that is a critique!  To-the-point and helpful. No-one could fail to 
learn from this type of  comment, nor could one take offence to any part 
of it.
Congratulations Ted, your words of wisdom are a guiding light to we 
lesser mortals.


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