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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAW - Week 4 - Slide One
From: John Straus <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 11:13:35 -0600

on 1/27/02 8:01 AM, Don Dory at wrote:

> First, this is a good effort for a difficult place.  Without other versions
> we don't know what the effect of slightly faster shutter speeds would be but
> I suspect that a slightly faster speed would give more texture to the shot
> or a burst of extremely weak flash(say at -4 stops) to bring out the
> diversity of the flow.  Also, instead of burning in the posters why not
> shoot from an angle that excludes them?  As TG has mentioned, you can burn a
> lot of film with this technique to get one great shot.

The whole point was to try out TG's 1/4 second blur shot idea :) And I don't
own a flash, BUT I am a fill flash fan. As far as the shooting angle I think
the BG simplicity and symmetry make it less interesting than the people &
blur. Or make the people stand out more from the BG. I don't think cutting
the dark wall and poster out would help the shot, it would hurt the balance
if anything, and maybe even cut off a few heads ;) On moving to a different
location entirely well if I said I don't like the posters that could be a
solution, are you saying you don't like the posters?

> I think that if you could have moved your camera position lower, keeping all
> of the drawing on the wall unobscured, and to the left to show some of the
> details of the art that the students on the right are working on that would
> have better tied the two halves of this image together.  Most people
> gravitate to a telephoto because it is so difficult to bring disparate parts
> of an image into a working whole.

I'd have to really jack over to the left to get anything that the two were
working on the show. Do you really need to see what their doing? Are there
not enough references around for that to be picked up? It would also cut out
all of the observers on the right side watching the girl paint would that
really help? 

> This is a good record shot.  With the empty halls did you try to use the
> girl as a strong foreground with the empty halls stretching off into the
> distance as a background?

No but a good thought. I should have taken a few shots standing more to the
left looking down the hall. It would have included more of what she was
working on as well as part of the other piece behind her to the right...

> Regarding Xtol.  Shoot a roll in somewhat contrasty lighting and develop it
> at 1:3 for between 12 and 14 minutes at 72F.  When I post my PAW the image
> of Sharise has detail deep into her hair that I chose not to do the
> contortions necessary to bring out and show the environmental highlights as
> well.  I really think that the added dilution helps with neopan 1600.

Thanks for the tips. 1:3 will be my next test...

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Chicago, IL

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