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Subject: Re: [Leica] My First 3 weeks of PAW
From: John Straus <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 10:17:18 -0600

Ok so that means shooting from your car might not get you the best picts :)
Just don't get into an accident while shooting with your camera. Then the
states may decide you cant shoot while driving unless you use a cable
release, kinda like the no talking on a cell phone w/o a hands free kit :P

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Chicago, IL

> You have to understand one thing about the last 2 shots. The barbell guy was
> taken from the car while driving and merging into the freeway. The last one,
> also was taken from the car while waiting on the traffic light.
> Regards
> Felix Erazo
>> The link is
> Even though the first one is shot from the back the large item in the pocket
> and how they're so attached has something to it. I might have tried it as a
> vertical with more building in the BG. The horizontal layout doesn't seem to
> do anything for it...
> The barbell guy just seems to need to be shot straight on as everything
> about him has symmetry except the shooting angle. Another candidate for a
> vertical shot too, maybe...
> The cleaner guy shot MUST get straightened out. Use the lines on the left
> against the edge of the frame. Being offset does nothing but hurt the shot.
> --
> John
> Chicago, IL
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