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Subject: Re: [Leica] Alfie's January 26th PAW...BD
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 07:59:57 +1100
References: <> <00c301c1a5b3$a546e3a0$>

><<Alfie, you have to give much, much more thought to what you shoot - at
>you do if you are planning to post the images>>
>If I have any complaints about the PAW it is summed up in this extraction
>from B.D.'s post to Alfie regarding his post for the week.
>First of all, Alfie can post whatever the hell he wants. And who is B.D. to
>say Alfie didn't give a heck of a lot of thought to this image even before
>he posted it? Who made B.D. the judge-god-almighty of what should and
>shouldn't get posted to a PAW?
>B.D. goes further in his mean-spirited (I can't help but think he thought it
>might be interpreted as mean spirited since he writes << I don't want to be
>mean - honest - >>) letter to say Alfie is shooting like a child with
>his/her first camera in that Alfie is shooting everything in sight. So the
>hell what????? How do you think a person is supposed to learn? I'm more than
>certain that HCB, Eugene Atget, Walker Evans and all the others didn't start
>out shooting masterpieces when they first pulled their cameras out of the
>box. Photography is art and becoming good at it takes time...and practice.
>Why in the world would a fellow photographer begrudge another the right to
>shoot (and POST) whatever in the world he/she wants.
>I am appalled.

Boy have you taken BD the wrong way here :-(
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Alastair Firkin

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