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Subject: Re: [Leica] Focus of the LUG: A non-problem no brainer!!!!!!!!!
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 08:10:00 -0800
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Simon Stevens wrote:
>>> Personally, in my spare time I'm lobbying Congress to get the
> OT/PAW-Chip installed on all new computers as part of the
> "Communications Relevancy Act of 2002." Then Tipper Gore and I will be
> able to rate all posts and delete in advance any not meeting our
> standards.
> I vote to leave the LUG just as it is. I've been on long enough to
> notice that every time it's winter in the northern hemisphere, the LUG
> has a crisis. Once the sun returns, this will resolve itself.<<<<

Hi Simon,
Thank goodness for adding a touch of humour to this situation. Damn near as
good as Saturday Night Live! ;-)

It's absolutely amazing if one takes a moment to put the "PAW to and fro"
postings aside not showing pictures, compared  to those with pictures, that
their are so many people with up and down opinions on what to do with it.

If everyone stopped for a moment, sat back from the screen and contemplated
how much time they have spent, wrangling with this "non-problem," when they
could've been out taking pictures. I think you'd keep on pushing your seat
back grab your Leica of choice and done some exposing of yourselves.

This situation is an absolutely no-brainer, hell it's obviously successful
in encouraging folks to post their efforts, which in many cases is the only
opportunity many receive good, bad and ugly critique of their pictures.

So why change it?

As has been pointed out to me on occasion when I've piped off about
something, I receive ...... "If you don't like it, use the delete key and
move on!"
Seemed simple enough.  Did it! Tried it again. And hell it works. :-)

Once I learned that trick and swallowed hard a few times when I really
wanted to cry out something I'd surely be burned at the stake for. Life
began to return to normal.

So here you are, one more opinion on this amazing "non-problem." Right now
you have the opportunity to learn how the delete key works, try it on this
post! There you go eh? ;-)

After all, isn't "use delete" the epitome of KISS?" Have a nice day. Go
PS. And yes Simon, you're quite correct that when the sun returns to the
northern hemisphere cabin fever will clear and all will be calm again. ;-)
Besides my Beaver Tail soup is getting pretty low and I have to melt snow
for water to mix developer. ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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