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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica R8 vs. Nikon D1x
From: Adam Bridge <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:23:24 -0800

On 1/23/02 at 11:42 AM, (Feliciano di Giorgio) thoughtfully wrote:

> > 
> > Come on, Feli, ask that question of someone who day in and day out depends
> > upon digital cameras such as the D1, Canon D30, etc., to make a living- not
> > a dealer who depends upon the sale of Leica products to make a living.
> > 
> Ok, does anyone here use a D1 for a living? I'm interested, because I
> have yet to see a realtime digital camera that has anywhere near the
> capture lattitude of film. Down here we tested a certain highend digital
> motion picture camera and found it basicly to be a fancy HDTV camera and
> no competition for film.

You don't go to many sporting events or press events where the world is littered
with them.

The D30 isn't in the same class, however. Taking a photo in moderately low-light
is interesting.

<photographer pushes shutter button>

Camera: okay, let's make an exposure here - lens get cracking

Lens: huh?

Camera: hey I have the exposure set I'm ready to trip the shutter lets get a
little focus action okay?

Lens: oh, wait, yeah (flexes its little servoes) stretches, yawns, it's still

Camera: I'm WAITING....

Lens: hey toss on the preview light will you - I can't find an edge out there

Camera: why didn't you ask ealier...THERE

Lens: ack! too bright, too bright turn it off turn it off

Camera: (rolling eyes) okay

Lens: now I can't see anything turn it on...

Camera: hey I don't want to be pushy but it's over a second here and the
pressure on the shutter button is starting to get a know?

Lens: well yeah, I have noticed, starting to shake too and so I'm having to
compensate for that while I try to focus...

Camera: if it isn't TOO much problem could we get on with it?

Lens: oh geesh the field of view is changing rapidly, seems to be spinning...

Camera: finger is off the shutter button....I think we're airborne.....

<frustrated photographer tosses camera against the wall, grabs an R8, focuses
manually and takes the darn picture>

No actual cameras were hurt in this  production although I've had the experience
of wanting to hurl the damn D30 against a wall while it's autofocus makes up its
mind. The D1 is VERY VERY fast based on my experience earlier this month in a
camera store and handled the low light situation very well.

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