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Subject: Re: [Leica] BD's PAWWeekend
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 16:41:45 -0800
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B.D. Wrote;
>>I can burn the pool guy in a bit more, but in
> order to get enough light on the face of martini man I had to overexpose
> pool guy: the perils of shooting in available dark when there is a
> comparative ton of light in the background. ;-)<<<<<

Hi B.D.
Sometimes using available light it's best to make a completely straight
print first, no dodging / burning and see what it looks like, in effect
exposing for the highlights and letting everything else fall into place.

Then decide how much you have to tweak the burning & dodging.

The background light is a bit of a problem, but who is more important, the
drink stirrer or the guy out of focus in the back ground? Obviously the guy
with the drink, so build the print quality around this character.

Sure the table light is a tad distracting, but not completely so and to some
degree what we should all keep in mind here is that pictures posted to the
LUG are not quality  images for the Louvre in Paris nor a MOMA gallery.

Sure we should all strive for the best possible reproduction, but no one is
going to live or die by the quality of an image on a computer screen. So the
"burning in or dodging" one might attempt on a highly refined print to be
sold for several hundreds or thousands of dollars, need not have the member
knock their brains out perfecting a print / scan to the ultimate level of
perfection, only to be trashed or praised on a computer monitor.

Besides who can truly tell the ultimate quality of a print on a screen?
Despite what some may think. :-)

All in all it's an interesting picture and yes with a bit of darkroom
fiddling here and there it could be improved. Is it absolutely necessary for
this screen! Nope!

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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