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Subject: Re: [Leica] xtol results? Better this time
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 07:19:24 -0800
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John Straus wrote:

>Well I'm glad you had success but you changed so many variables how do you
>really know that you just under developed??? I'm still interested to see if
>more development will help a push processed roll in xtol...
I don't *know* I underdeveloped, that is just my working hypothesis. 
 The ACROS roll showed me that the developer is fine,not exhausted or 
spoiled.  The data I ahve is this:
  Thin negatives from a roll shot at 400 and a roll shot at 800
  Lots of anecdotal evidence that XTOL at 1:3 works great

So, I figure I just need more development time. BTW: I'm refining the 
TMAX at 400 time, not the push processed time. I'll work on the push 
when I have the normal time figured out. So, we'll have to wait a while 
to see how that works out. I don't generally push b&w films, that was a 
fluke to get the shots in failing light, not a general practice.

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