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Subject: Re: [Leica] Replies to LUG from digest
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 08:19:07 +1100
References: <> <000801c1a1e3$b8d1f460$9005070c@pcr>

>I receive the digest.  Maybe that is my first mistake.  I would like to hear
>from those who receive the digest how they go about posting a reply to
>someones post.
>I find it very difficult.  I hit "reply" then find the post I want to reply
>to.  I copy that post, delete all the rest of the digest, then paste the
>post.  I then copy and paste the subject.  Sometimes I forget this step and
>then the subject doesn't relate to anything except the digest number.  I
>then type and send my reply.
>Now, this is very time consuming.  Maybe I am overlooking some more obvious
>method.  I hope so.
>I like to look at the PAW photos and I would like to comment on many, but it
>is so cumbersome.  I often just reply to the photographer via their E-mail
>address.  This, however, might work to my detriment.  I have posted a few
>photos (Not PAW - I'm not that organized) and the first few times I got lots
>of good suggestions and criticism.  The last few I have gotten very few.  I
>wonder if it is because no one sees my responses to photos, so they don't
>want to respond to me thinking I am just lurking about. Maybe I'm paranoid.
>Maybe everyone is busy.  I have noticed a great increase in comments the
>last few weeks.  That is great.  I like reading what other people think of
>photos I've seen.  They see things I don't and that makes me better.
>So, I hope someone has a good suggestion for replying to posts.


Cut the comment out you wish to reply to, hit reply, and "replace" 
the entire digest with the cutting. Now change the subject line, and 

Its not as quick as the non digest, and you will be "behind" the 
times, but it works.

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Alastair Firkin

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