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Subject: RE: [Leica] A few thoughts about flash
From: "Doug Ford" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 18:47:17 -0800

....o.k. now i just insert this other wire into the powder while
simultaneously pressing down on the shutter.....

Wylie Coyote
Super Genius

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[]On Behalf Of Tim
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 8:46 AM
Subject: RE: [Leica] A few thoughts about flash

Oh s**t - I just had a thought. Someone on here is crazy/dumb enough to
actually try Teds flash powder idea with an M6 and some gunpowder.... oh

tim a

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> Kennard
> Sent: January 14, 2002 6:24 AM
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> Subject: RE: [Leica] A few thoughts about flash
> Ok Ted, so where did you use the Hot Glue Gun?
> Sam Kennard
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> Tim Atherton wrote and asked: ;-)
> >>Ted,
> >
> > Could you explain to us again how you use flash powder with the
> > M6...<<<
> Hi Tim,
> Quite simple actually. ;-)  I get black gun powder, pour it into an old
> developer tray lined with heavy duty cooking foil and set it on a kind
> of easel so the flash will bounce off the ceiling when it ignites and
> before the ceiling goes black from the smoke.
> This is a truly one shot exposure as we have to clean the ceiling after
> each exposure. ;-)
> Now the tricky part is getting the wires imbedded in the gun powder so
> when I press the shutter release, the contact in the camera will send
> the signal to the contacts in the powder igniting it as the shutter
> curtain opens long enough for the flash to ignite, create the light
> flash and not an explosion ! :-) And inturn exposing the subject on
> film.
> And that sequence of events is an old family secret not to be revealed
> for 50 years after my passing to the big darkroom in the sky.
> So there you go eh? Nothing to it.
> ;-)
> ted
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