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Subject: [Leica] tele-elmarit
From: "tlianza" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 23:26:30 -0500

I have a thin tele elmarit and the pre-aspheric 90mm.  I found that the
perfomance of the tele-elmarit was very close to that of the 90 mm
summicron.  I ran a number of resolution tests and the resolution of both
lenses was  identical at f5.6 and f11. at f2.8 the Summicron seemed to
resolve the next group but it would be a tough call.  In actual practice I
doubt that I would call the Summicron a clear winner.  There may be a bit
better contrast in the Summicron, but I took about 10 images using one lens
right after the other.  I knew the even ones where the Summicron and Odd
numbered ones where the Tele Elemarit.  I put them on a light table and
there was no obvious difference.  An 8X loupe didn't revel any differences
either. I didn't bother projecting them because there would be no way to do
a side by side comparison and each image looked very good.

I take the T-E with me all the time.  I'll probably be selling the
Summicron.  I have a 75mm summilux which I do like quite a bit, and it has
the speed that I need for indoor work.  I have found that the TE and the
Tri-Elmar are the perfect set for travel.  I use the 35 'lux and the 75'lux
for indoor work.  I can pack two bodies and those four lenses in a very
small messenger bag and carry it on the plane.

Tom Lianza
Technical Director
Sequel Imaging Inc.
25 Nashua Rd.
Londonderry, NH 03053

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