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Subject: RE: [Leica] Forum etiquette
From: "Tim Atherton" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 12:04:17 -0700

> Nope... in any business transaction, and that is the main differene here,
> there are 2 sides.  Any intereference in that transaction, especaially in
> true business dealings, is prohibited by both etiquette and the lawyers.
> Stay out of other people's business.  You want to comment, then do it
> privately.,  That is your perogative.  Do it privately and you cross the
> line.
> If it were my list, and it is not, I would openly prohibit this kind of
> transaction interference.

jeesh - we aren't talking Time Warner/AOL merger here you know.... etiquette
also dictates friends don't let friends get overcharged. Merely an extension
of Buyer Beware. Think of the lug as an interactive, mind of it's own
consumer guide to used photo junk.

I've let sellers (and obviously buyers) know when something seems overpriced
as others have done to me. It's an open marketplace out here you know.

Marks analogy is a good one. Bunch of buddies in a pub and someone comes up
with an overpriced camera thingy - we don't all sit around going "shhhhhh
don't say anything - this is the cathedral of commerce..." Nope - it's more
along the lines of "price is a bit high there mate for such a banged up
NOOKY - you might want to think again" or "hey Rodney - you don't want to
pay that much for a used Benser soft case - Tamarkins has new/old stock for
cheaper than that..."

That's life Frank - "commerce" be damned

tim a

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