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Subject: Re: [Leica] Forum etiquette
From: "lea" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 12:43:20 -0600
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I think being alerted to overpricing on this list is of value.

Granted, we all use Leicas so we're a bit used to paying high dollar for our
equipment, but many of us don't have neighborhood supercenters down the
street to compare prices against. And while I tend to cross-reference
pricing with Ebay that isn't always accurate, either.

If I were about to overspend by 100-200-300 bucks on a body, lens or
accessory, I'd appreicaite someone with more knowledge letting me know. And
if the seller is a repeat price spiker, I think it's just fine to ask that
he/she refrain from posting sale items.

Just my .20 cents worth.....(that's a joke, by the way)

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From: "Frank Filippone" <>
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Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 12:23 PM
Subject: RE: [Leica] Forum etiquette

: Nope... in any business transaction, and that is the main differene here,
: there are 2 sides.  Any intereference in that transaction, especaially in
: true business dealings, is prohibited by both etiquette and the lawyers.
: Stay out of other people's business.  You want to comment, then do it
: privately.,  That is your perogative.  Do it privately and you cross the
: line.
: If it were my list, and it is not, I would openly prohibit this kind of
: transaction interference.
: Frank Filippone
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