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Subject: RE: [Leica] wk52/sl
From: "Jason Vicinanza" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 09:01:26 -0000

Great shot Steve, I love the effects of the lights!

Im gonna go for the 2002 PAW, or at least try.

Happy new year everyone!


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Subject: [Leica] wk52/sl

Seems hard to believe, but this year's PAW is complete. First, thanks to
Kyle for setting the precedent and providing the web template that many
people are using to do their weekly PAW. Looking on Kyle's list of PAW
entrants there are 33 people signed up, congratulations to you all even if
you did not announce every week that your new PAW was up.

I would look forward every week to the new posting by all of you and your
excellent photos. I would like to especially thank Nathan, Gilbert, Sonny,
Matt, Godfrey, Michael B. and Kyle for his insect and Goth shots. You have
all been a source of inspiration for my own PAW.

It looks like there will be new people joining the PAW in '02, so welcome, I
will be looking forward to looking and commenting on your work. I need to
lay back for a few weeks, before starting PAW '02, while I finish
redesigning my web site which I started six months ago and it fell by the

This weeks PAW is a little different in that they are shot in 'available
dark.' I used Delta 3200 rated at 6400, so there is golf ball sized grain,
but what amazes me is the detail picked up by the new Summicron 28/2.0 which
might be the best lens currently in the Leica stable:

In addition there is a second alternate which contains some technical
information about gear used for my PAW:

The complete PAW is at:

All comments are welcome.

A healthy & prosporous New Year to you all.

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