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Subject: Re: [Leica] Who'd be a PJ in these Troubled Times
From: "Harold Gess" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 14:12:27 -0000
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I think that this discussion really indicates that we need a new definition
of what a 'journalist' really is and what the 'press' really is.

While, in theory, I quite agree that, when a photographer is working for a
news publication/agency he/she can be deemed to be a PJ and enjoy various
rights above those of a PR photographer, I think that the lines have become
very ill-defined.

When a photographer works for Time magazine he is deemed to be a PJ but Time
magazine has become, largely, a shameless PR and marketing tool for AOL Time
Warner's commercial products. So where do we draw the line?

If I do work for the Christian Science Monitor am I a PR to the CS or am I a
journalist? I suppose it depends what is being covered?

If Greenpeace uses the photos in its own environmental issues newspaper and
supplies them to third parties through its own agency, how much does this
differ from Time magazine running a story on AOL, Warner Bros latest film,
or about CNN?

The great danger with the commercialisation and globalisation of the big
newspapers and magazines that has taken place is that the line between
journalism and pr has become very difficult to define indeed.

Also, when the majority of news publications are in the hands of a very few
very wealthy and diversified companies, they are unlikely to tell all the
stories that should be told. Given the choice between sending someone to
cover a Greenpeace story or the opening of a motorshow most, including the
likes of Time, are likely to choose the motorshow. So, where does that leave
organisations like Greenpeace?

Just a few thoughts to ponder


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