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Subject: Re: [Leica] Who'd be a PJ in these troubled times?
From: S Dimitrov <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:23:19 -0800
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One of the questions that hasn't come up, concerns on how he was
assigned. Often times an agency with a stable of photographers will get
calls for assignments. Many of these individuals will work for 
publications as a contributor and take on_extra work_through an agency.
It's done all the time. 
However, there is no point in quibbling about journalistic integrity or
purity at this late stage of the game. Initially the freedoms accorded
to the press did not apply to advertisers, which is essentially the
whole of our current press. It was, and rightfully so in my opinion,
thought that objectivity would be compromised by the revenue source's
demands on the editorial content. All that has changed long ago, under
conditions that aren't too dissimilar to ours today. But, even a casual
dip into the subject far exceeds the scope of this forum and I'll stop
right here.
If I drop an article here and there, it's not from won't of a decent
edit. English being my third language, I will often miss the all too
important article, no  matter how often I reread it. My apologies to the
nativists and doctrinaire.
 Slobodan Dimitrov

Adam Bridge wrote:
> on 12/20/01 7:29 PM, kyle cassidy at thoughtfully
> wrote:
> > a country based upon a free press should be concerned whenever the free
> > press anywhere is challenged. shame on the u.s. media for not rattling the
> > bars about this.
> He wasn't a journalist - he was a PR flack - when he got paid by Greenpeace
> he stopped becoming a journalist.
> Journalists take a chance in doing what they do. There ARE lines. You'll
> note that journalists who did "hidden camera" reports when they signed on as
> employees ended up being sued - and the firms who sued won. That was the
> price of the reportage.
> If this guy were working for the New York Times he'd have been a journalist.
> But he wasn't, he was an agent of Greenpeace. If they conspired, he
> conspired by association.
> Adam Bridge
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