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Subject: RE: RE: [Leica] Who'd be a PJ in these troubled times?
From: "rp johnson" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 16:51:40 -0800

Tim Atherton wrote:

There has been a lot of discussion of this on European and US PJ lists.

The feeling in the US (with some notable exceptions) is as per BD. The
overall feeling in Europe and the UK is - of course he was a PJ - what's
with the US Photographers on their ethical high horse all of a sudden. Two
totally different cultures at work.

Tim A


Tim & B.D.,

My impression is (as Tim seems to confirm) that more photographers in
Europe are freelancers as opposed to staff photographers in the USA and
that US court interpretations of "freedom of the press" are much more
closely tied to the actions of a publishing entity (the newspaper, if you
will) and its agents.  I know that writers who work on "spec" are often not
recognized to have the same protections as a reporter working for a
newspaper, so maybe the same holds for photographers.

Of course, when you mix in disputes with "the government", often times the
legality of official action is not resolved until much later through the
courts. How long was it before the French did anything (or were they ever
held to account?) for the destruction of that Greenpeace ship in the South

RP Johnson

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