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Subject: Re: [Leica] if it lives under a bridge it's probably a .....
From: "Gerry Walden" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:10:32 +0000

You are a cruel man Kyle Cassidy - funny but cruel!


>From: Kyle Cassidy <>
>To: "''"  
>Subject: [Leica] if it lives under a bridge it's probably a .....
>Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:50:33 -0500
> > By the way - I_m interested in the M6 only because of my interest in
> > photographing parrots in the rainforests of South America.
> > I wonder if 135mm is enough telephoto - is there nothing more powerful
> > a third party? - perhaps I would be better off with a Hassie, except for
> > size and possibly the build quality of the Hassie body which is not, 
> > heard, in the same league as the M6.
> >
>dang. i wish i'd thought to post that one!
>the obvious answer is to get the M6 Wildlife Conversion Kit from leica USA,
>it replaces some components on the M6 with ones more suited to wildlife
>photography. it's expensive to have leica do it, so i'll include
>for how to do this at home. nota bene: only a FULLY QUALIFIED CAMERA REPAIR
>TECHNICIAN should attempt this conversion.
>1) take your leica m6 titanium and using an xacto or razor blade gently pry
>    off the red dot, be careful not to bend it. set the red dot and the m6
>    aside.
>2) call up b&h and order a nikon f5 or d1x, AF 400mm 2.8, 1.4 TC, a 300 
>    and the 80-200 2.8; a carbon fiber tripod; and a nice outback trekker.
>3) when the nikon arrives, using a black magic marker, cover up the words
>    "nikon" and "f5".
>4) place red dot from your m6 onto the pentaprism of the former nikon
>your m6 has been coverted and you're ready to photograph parrots.
>the other option is to buy a Browning Citori over/under 12 gauge Lighting
>Feather and some # 12 "dust" shot (used by taxidermists). shoot the
>colored parrots and then wire them to nearby tree branches and photograph
>them with your visioflex.
>either option will produce stunning results.
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