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Subject: Re: [Leica] Any good book about leica photography for newbies ?
From: "John R. Fulton Jr." <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 08:45:56 -0600
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National Geographic Society publishes a book called "Photography 
Field Guide" which is a good one. They also have a new book out aimed 
at kids, "Photography Guide for Kids". It's well written and good for 
anybody learning about photography. Both books feature NatGeoSoc 
photographers and their tips for better shooting.
[Page four of the Photography Field Guide has a wonderful full-page 
picture of Dave Harvey with an M6.]
Good luck and have fun.
John Fulton
Fort Worth

>Hi !!!
>I'm just a newbie photographer, i think photographer is a word too much
>exagerated for my possibilities, that i bought a Leica camera some time
>ago. It's, i'm just remembering, a ZX model , i think. A low-budget P&S
>I would like to learn to shot photos with a minimum quality and i was
>thinking about going to a course and buying one or two books about
>photography for nerds. :-) (my desire to learn photography is only
>comparable to the bad photos i shot) .
>I have been seeing and i have found a leica pocket guide, but i
>don't know about what it is the book... Also, i have some books that seems
>interesting, like the Kodak Guide to 35 mm photography, the John Hedgecoe's
>New Introductory Photography course and a new one called Using your Camera
>, from George Schaub...
>But maybe you could give me some clever advice... Thanks a lot. :-)
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