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Subject: Re: [Leica] New RF Buyer...
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 04:18:10 -0500

> Steve - I think your example may be the exception, rather than the rule.
> The price you paid for that equipment when you bought it was so far
> below market as to be laughable. For your example to have any meaning at
> all, you should take each of those pieces - body and each lens, check
> what similar equipment was selling for in 1985, and see what it is
> selling for today - after the adjustment for 15 years of inflation. My
> guess is that, had you not gotten such a rediculously good deal when you
> bought the stuff, you might be breaking even now.
> Generally, used Leica equipment does hold its value - as long as you
> take good care of it. New Leica equipment markedly depreciates, but
> probably does so less than other manufacturer's new equipment.
> But all of this ignores the real question here - is someone buying
> equipment to use, or resell? And what can the buyer afford at purchase
> time...
> B. D.
> BTW - When it comes to your brassed to hell and gone black paint M2, the
> question is not what someone was ASKING for it, but what they ended up
> getting for it.
I will not try to argue with any of your points about my good luck with the
black paint M2. Nor am I trying to suggest Leicas as any kind of investment
because that is ridiculous. I am only talking long term value (I keep my
cameras/cars/boats for a VERY long time). I would like to add though, last
year I bought a late '60s 50/1.4 (from Sherry) for $800, those lenses sold
when new for about $200. The 28/2.0 that I paid $1995 for last spring, in 15
years you will still be able to get that amount for it, but more likely
$2995 (yes conjecture on my part, and I do not even expect to be alive in 15

Another thing to consider is, will Cosina even be producing Voightlander
lenses in 15 years? Actually lets think 5 years, Cosina being a bottom line
driven company and this whole Voightlander thing is a HOBBY for the CEO. I
will go for the NOT being around in 5 years, which will make these CV
products pretty worthless or at best a novelty.

And Leica just keeps plodding along.

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