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Subject: RE: [Leica] New RF Buyer...
From: "Jeffery Smith" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 18:55:59 -0600


Ahah, you're the fellow we tormented a week ago on another list by telling
you to buy stuff that WE like instead of what YOU want! I guess we get
dogmatic on these lists!

I have read in another response to one of my posts that Leica is not putting
plastic elements in its lenses. Amazingly enough, high quality microscope
objectives are now being made of plastic, so we'll see how long it takes
them to sneak into Leica's optics.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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> Subject: Re: [Leica] New RF Buyer...
> on 12/14/01 4:40 PM, Jeffery L.Smith at wrote:
> > The serial numbers can give you an idea of when the lens was
> > manufactured. I believe that some lenses have modifications to them, so
> > that one 35/2 may have no aspherical elements while a later 35/2 may
> > have aspherical elements. Some folks don't want plastic elements in
> > their lenses, while others don't mind so much.
> Ok, I understand. It will let me know what version the lens is. Now would
> anyone know of a good place to look for the "serial # = which series lens"
> link if there is one? I've seen the body serial # lists around but seem to
> have missed the Lens lists...
> > Let us know what lens you do get. It will be interesting to see what you
> > choose WITHOUT us telling you which one to choose.
> Well the reason I didn't ask for lens opinions is I've read a lot of them
> already :) most helpful! And when I did ask about what 50mm & 28mm lens to
> look for I got two responses telling me to get a 35mm! Sigh. I
> know it's fun
> to share opinions but unless it's helpful or there is a good reason behind
> trying to change someone's mind...shhhh :)
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> John
> Chicago, IL
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