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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: HCB and "Faceless"
From: Gary Elshaw <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:24:07 +1300

Ted said: 
> I've tried to use this technique with a couple Canadian TV networks,
> unfortunately they're not bright enough to understand the attention holding
> value of still photographs. ;-)

BD said: 
>Damn, Ted, how stupid can they be? Of course still photos hold attention
>- - they're 'still' for Godsake!;-).

There's always been this stigma about cutting stills in with moving images
that just won't go away. The fact is that it gives still images a greater
impact if they're cut with the moving, but it can be disconcerting and
alienate audiences. I think it's this that makes TV network execs nervous.

I like Rudolph Arnheim's quote about this (his Film as Art book is old, but
well worth a read) "But a still photograph cut into a film acts like the
curse on Lot's wife."

Cheers and all the best to all,

"People have never been more poor and still we keep hearing about how the
economy, this abstract entity, is doing better than ever, and while the rich
are building summer houses they are also building ghettos for the rest of

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Gary Elshaw
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Victoria University
New Zealand

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