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Subject: Re: [Leica] TriElmar and shade
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 13:29:11 EST

Dans un courrier daté du 12/12/01 03:23:04 Paris, Madrid, a écrit :

> Need some guidance about the need for a sun shade on the new Trielmar.  Such
>  lens is not supplied with a bulit in shade, but the elements are well set
>  back into the barrel.  Wonder if anyone here has used the lens, and would
>  care to comment on whether or not a shade is necessary or desirable.  While
>  one is talking about the Trielmar, how about the max aperature of F4?  Has
>  such relatively high F Max proven to be any problem in so far as using the
>  lesn?  I had hoped that one might only need to take a single lens on a trip
>  to Europe...believe that one needs to take at least one Summicron along, 
>  perhpas the accessory 28 viewer for the .85 TTL.
>  Elliot

Dear Elliot . The 3E is a fantastic lens . Owning several prime lenses , I 
decided to take the 3E on its own to a trip to Labrador last summer .
It is actually very conforable to walk around with only 1 camera / 1 lens .
The results were very , very good .
Concerning the shade , I bought it before the trip because I found that 
the front element was in danger on the 28 position . 
With the shade , you always avoid fingerprints , chocs on the front element , 
and , of course , flaring .
Go for it .

Jo Goodtimes , France 
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