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Subject: [Leica] Leica R lenses German parameters Firewire drive
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 17:34:42 -0800
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Jim Brick wrote:
> Via Erwin: Paraphrased: The new 15/2.8 is a Schneider lens re-designed
> (tweaked) by Leica to Leica specs, thus giving a Leica footprint.
> Jim
Jim I was just re reading his Newsletter this morning on that wondering
if he meant 
Leica quality
or Leica parameters

I learned in the last year or so that Leica, Zeiss, Schneider,
Rodenstock, Nikon, Canon all have their set of what I'm calling here
"parameters" as to which aspect of lens performance to empathize how much.
We often think of contrast vs resolution by I think Erwin had called
that simplistic.

I was not sure if the 15 was not considered "good enough" and Leica had
to give Schneider a good kick in the pants…
Or if Schneider had simply empathized the wrong "aspects" or
"parameters" of the lens to have high over others which Leica preferred.

Interesting as here we have Schneider making an "Leica" lens with none
of the Schneider nomenclature on it like Super Angulon which we find on
older glass commonly used on a Leica.

I'll admit to have no less awe over Schneider's glass making ability
than Leitz or Leicas or the other German companies.
All four German companies: Zeiss, Leica and Schneider and Rodenstock i
think of in hushed reverence.

I don't know anybody whose got the inside track as to which of this
group might have a slight upper hand.
Perhaps an impossible comparison.
Schneider medium format glass cost more for Rollei 6x6 than Zeiss does.
That's one straight across reference almost.
Zeiss glass resells better on a Rolleiflex than Schneider. That's
history and collecting, not quality.
And Zeiss does not make large format glass any more or enlarger lenses
so we can't compare them against Schneider directly in those terms either.

And Leica is the only one of those German companies making glass for
35mm cameras.

I just got an Apo Rodagon 75 D optimized at 1:1 for my Viso though. I
can use that for 6x6 as well!

an enlarger lens which does not enlarge! (much)

an enlarger lens for contract printing; when you don't want to contact print.

Or to not be dumb about it: a duplication lens.

I'm interested how it will stack up against my 63mm 2.8 El Nikkor which
is also a dupe lens but can enlarge a bit more.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA

If my Lacie Firewire 60GB External Drive is buzzing does that mean it's
about to crash? It's kind of buzzing. I'm kind of worried. I got it two
weeks ago and it's been making more noise in the past few days.
- --
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