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Subject: [Leica] dirt particles near film plane on m6 (long)
From: Burnice Evans <>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 08:07:59 -0800 (PST)

Hi all,
I'm new to list and new to leica world (since only
April this year).  Will try to describe my problem to
best of my ability:

I have an m6 ttl.  Been shooting it since April and
loving it.  I shoot color negs and print my own work. 
I always print full frame.  I noticed lately that
there are two minute black spots on the lower long
edge of my prints, visible when enlarged at 11x14
inches.  I initially ignored it and just moved the
blades up a bit on the printing easel.  Then I
realized these marks are on ALL my pictures.  On close
examination of the negatives with a loupe, I see the
marks on EVERY SINGLE FRAME. I never noticed them
before because there are alway a lot of foreground
content (and color) that easily camouflages the black
spots.  It becomes more evident when there is say a
clear concrete pavement or light colored foreground in
the image.  

I went out and shot on the remaining frames in the
camera just a grey cloudy chicago sky.  Came back with
negs showing clearly the two marks on every frame ...
at the lower edge of image area between the 3rd and
4th sprockets.

I opened up the camera back and found in the
approximate area where the two marks would be two very
very very small white spots.  I mean minutae.  These
white spots are on the INSIDE of the guide or rail
(whatever you call it) where the film passes.  

I tried to use a large brushless blower ... no use.  I
tried to run my fingers over the rail very gently with
my other finger on bulb to keep shutter open.  No use
either.  Those white spots won't budge.  Did some
detective work and found that apparently these spots
were present since May!!!  

Don't think I shud use q-tip and alcohol  

Any similar experience? suggestions?  

thanks in advance,
Burnice Evans

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