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Subject: [Leica] Re: VIOOH
From: "C. L. Basso, K.C.S., M.Sc." <>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 08:56:52 -0500

At 20:33 12/6/01 -0800, Feliciano di Giorgio wrote:
>Anyone ever disassemble a VIOOH finder, to clean out the fog?

Yep, rather recently.

>Is this a very good idea or will I knock it out of alignment
>without the right tools etc?

It's quite easy if you're careful.  Make sure your screwdrivers are of good 
quality, fitting the screws well, and put a white handkerchief down on your 
work surface.  The screws won't roll away and are easy to see.

The VIOOH is actually very simple optically: there are two lens cells and a 
prism train.

1.  Remove the four screws on the eyepiece end.  Screwdriver blade width 
should be 0.100" or 2.5 mm.  Remove the plate.  Clean both surfaces of the 
eyepiece lens.

2.  Now you can see the prism train.  It's held in a metal bracket fastened 
to the body of the finder by two screws with wide heads and thin 
slots.  Remove the screws and lift the prism assembly out.  Clean the two 
end surfaces of the prism train.

3.  The finder mask is now visible.  Clean out the inside of the finder 
body if necessary.  Set the finder to 35 mm, clean the lens behind the mask 
and the front element of the finder.

4.  Put the prism assembly back into the finder body and replace the 
screws.  It only goes in one way.

5.  Replace the rear plate and its screws.

6.  Have a beer, then go out and use the thing.

Goodbye and hello, as always.
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C. L. Basso, K.C.S., M.Sc.         Walled Lake, Michigan
"The whole of life is /nothing/ more than questions that have taken unto
themselves shape, and bear within themselves the sum of their own answer:
and answers that are pregnant with questions.  Only fools see it otherwise."
  -- Gustav Meyrink

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