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Subject: [Leica] Leica R4 pictures of my engagement (Part 1)
From: "Wang, Albert" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 13:33:36 -0500

Hi all Leica-philes,

Well, it looks like everyone is rather excited at viewing a selection from
my engagement photos with the Princess Sarah. I managed to shoot a lot of
solid indoor shots which was quite an experience in itself. The pictures are
located at: <a

A little story about the pictures + relevant background. I took a lot of
pictures of Sarah's roommate's cat Cassius and attempted to capture the
emotions of the cat during its daily existence. I believe that the cat does
mirror the personality of my princess too :). In fact, it loves Sarah a lot
better than Kay, her roommate.

Of the shots, only 3 pictures aren't taken by me. The 2 portraits of my
sitting down in a chair "Portrait of Myself by Princess Sarah" and one where
I am holding the cat "Sarah's Portrait of Myself with Cat" are both hers. I
wouldn't be surprised if consistently she gets better focus than I do since
my eyesight is rapidly declining into oblivion and only shows me why I need
a good split-screen viewfinder in my Leica R4 (just like my Nikon F which is
10 times easier to focus) or the Leica M6. Of course, I don't know whether
or not I can replace the viewing screen for my Leica R4 but I'm sure that if
I get a Leica R6.2 or R8 I would have a lot less trouble.

I am rather happy about my picture taking abilities. The exposure were all
on point and shot at f2, f2.8, and once at f4. Exposure times were usually
1/30 or 1/60 for most of them and I am just grateful to get a ton of solid
shots. The equipment used was my Leica R4 with recent 1991 Summicron-R 50:2
lens (the only R- lens I was able to afford) and I plan to procure the 28mm
or 35mm lens later on hopefully. Apart from all that, I would welcome a lot
of feedback on my photos if you wish to provide them.

Other relevant news is that I just procured the FED 2f (or g, I don't
remember) in navy blue in replacement of the much heavier FED 3 I am leaving
on my bookshelf at home. I hope to get my Leica IIIF fixed up at DAG Camera
repairs soon.

Also I promise to post the black and white Tri-X pictures of my fiancee when
I get those back from CBOP and scanned onto CD-ROM. Enjoy and have fun
looking at my pictures (including the elephant picture influenced by

Leica-fully yours and (merry Christmas),

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