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Subject: Re: [Leica] Loading 35mm 36 exposure film
From: George Lottermoser <>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 17:03:59 -0600 (Marc James Small)12/2/015:06 PM

> Bounce it
> a couple of times on the ground.  THEN try to load it.

Amazing what subjects can raise hackles up on this list.

What happens when you take German (or Canadian) lenses and bounce
them a couple times on the ground (make that concrete - as long
as we're playing)? Make sure the lens shades are on or out. And
there's no caps on the bayonets. THEN try to mount and shoot
through them? I'm not playing, so let me know your results.

I'm sure, based on the reports from the LUG, the Hewes reels are
top shelf. But a lot of fine, serviceable SS reels have been
manufactured over the years.

I've used the same 15 SS Nikkor reels (35 [24 and 36 ex] and 120)
for the last 40 years. Processed thousands of rolls with them.
Never had any trouble with loading any of them. I'v seen no
reason to "bounce them on the floor a couple times". And I can't
imagine why I should start this new darkroom procedure now. If
one accidently fell to the floor, as has happened, I would and
did replace it with any SS in good shape, with good non rusting
welds, and continue for another 40 years - g-d willing - take me
to 95. And with the world going digital - I'd imagine that good,
serviceable stainless reels are available in garage sales, used
dept.s and on the bay for the price of scrap metal.

While there are many areas of photo hardware I'd spend the big
bucks for the best - SS reels sure wouldn't be one of them.


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