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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT: loading 120 film
From: Rei Shinozuka <>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 10:40:09 -0500 (EST)

i use jobo reels which can be adjusted for 35 or 120/220.  i don't have
trouble with them.  with 120/220, i recommend you cut out the corners
so as to make a taper:


this helps move things along.  also, keep the reels clean, use a toothbrush
on any dirty spots.

secondly, try using a changing bag.  i have a darkroom, but even there,
i use a changing bag (harrison changing tent)

it helps keep all your stuff together, and nothing can roll off a table onto
the floor!  just don't forget to put your scissors and all the parts of
the tank inside before cracking the film!!

220 is slightly more challenging than 120, but both are not much harder
than 135, using the jobo system.

keep at it.  you'll get it.

- -rei

> From: Pete Su <>
> For most of my time doing my own darkroom work, I've worked in 35mm with
> plastic reels. I like them. They are easy to load since you can trim the film
> leader with the lights on. They work.
> But, in the last year I've been branching out into 120, and I have a lot of
> trouble loading. It's almost to the point where I'd rather just give the film
> to someone else because handling it in the dark is just such a pain. What I
> find typically happens is that even if I get the film on the reel (which is
> iffy) it inevitably buckles or jumps the spiral somewhere in the middle and I
> have to start over. At some point, I do this enough to mangle a good chunk of
> the film.
> I've always avoided steel reels because they seem to require and extra bit of
> manual dexterity in the dark, which I don't have. But, I wanted to see if
> anyone had ever played with this Kindermann device for loading steel reels.
> Does it work?
> Alternatively, without getting into a steel/plastic religous war, is loading SS
> reels with 120 any easier? I'm starting to think it can't be any worse.
> This message is really just a pathetic cry for help after I turned the lights
> on at the wrong time yesterday with 3 rolls of 120 in my tank, but the tank
> open. Sigh.
> Thanks
> Pete
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