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Subject: Re: [Leica] color noctilux autumn images
From: ternahan <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:58:58 -0800

I'm in this makes the kids so ALIVE!

> From: "Dragi Anevski" <>
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> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 22:55:48
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] color noctilux autumn images
> B.D.
> It does not make me dizzy. On the contrary I think that this lens seems to
> help a lot when composing:
> 1. On all pictures, the out of focus areas are blurred and you don't mind
> e.g. the red parts in the first picture "Ted picking...". Stopping down
> would take that effect away. So this could be very useful for certain
> pictures. And you do see the background, only that you're drawn to the in
> focus area.
> 2. The darker corners makes you concentrate on the middle, which can be very
> effective, as in Rei's pictures. It's not an uncommon technique to burn the
> edges, although not everyone would like it to show as much as in these
> pictures.
> 3. "Cut out and inserted..." That's things you do in photoshop, and I doubt
> it would look this good then. At least I've never seen photoshop pictures
> looking like this.
> I can imagine that if you only got this kind of pictures, you might get
> tired of it eventually. But I've never seen pictures with the Noctilux wide
> open, and I was blown away by these. The blurring makes you see the
> composition more clearly, it becomes more lines and areas. But that depends
> on whether you want that or not. Also one could very well compose the
> pictures so that the effect doesn't become as strong if its too much for
> ones taste, for instance in the picture on Ted (?) alone by the fence, you
> could change the composition to have a different angle between the lens and
> the fence.
> I think the pictures look fantastic.
> :-)
> Dragi
>> From: "B. D. Colen" <>
>> Reply-To:
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] color noctilux autumn images
>> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:04:42 -0500
>> I'm going to stick my neck out really, really far, here - (and then run
>> off to teach tonight's class, saving me until tomorrow from the flames ;-)
>> )
>> I don't think that there is any question that Rei is one of the better
>> photographers on the LUG, but that lens is a pig.
>> I can see using a Noctilux, with all its glaringly obvious faults, when
>> it is the only piece of glass with which one can capture a particular
>> image worth capturing. Which generally means something happening in
>> virtually no light.
>> But when used to take this kind of photo, it produces images that can
>> literally make a viewer slightly dizzy and nauseaus. As I look at the
>> upper several images, I'm not sure whether a lens element is out of
>> wack, or vasoline has been smeared across part of the lens. And as I
>> look at the bottom image, I get the feeling that a sharp photo of a
>> child has been cut out and inserted into a blurry forground and
>> background image.
>> Again, I'm not talking about the photography as such - these photos, if
>> taken with, say, a Summilux 75 opened up, would have been lovely. But
>> this lens, under these circumstances, is an image killer.
>> Sorry.
>> B. D.
>> Mike Gil wrote:
>>> Rei,
>>> Great pictures.  I like the one where your daughter is
>>> laying on the leaves.  The swirling effect created by
>>> the Noct makes the picture even better, than it
>>> already is.  First time I've seen this effect I need
>>> to point my Noct down more offen.  I think if Smith
>>> had a Noct, he would of spent much less time in the
>>> darkroom.  The darkroom effects created by the Noct
>>> seem so natural to the eye.  The burnt in corners
>>> created by the Noct draws you into the subject.
>>> mike gil
>>> --- Rei Shinozuka <> wrote:
>>>> this is my final set in my latest round of scanning!
>>>> i was motivated by the beautiful autumn we enjoyed
>>>> this year.
>>>> so here my first color images with the noctilux, 75
>>>> lux, etc.
>>>> fuji reala.
>>>> (3 pages)
>>>> my personal favorites are the second page.
>>>> link to those pages and all my stuff:
>>>> -rei
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