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Subject: [Leica] piezo plunge OT
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 20:35:15 EST

Hi Julien,

I have been selling the Nikon LS-4000 with Jon Cone's piezo kits for the 1280 
as the ultimate 35mm Piezo start up set.

Cone's set up is a CIS is a little more than the competitors, but the support 
is FAR superior. And you need it with this stuff! I have been experimenting 
personally with these items as I start to retail them and I have found them 
to be 100% supportive and informative. 

I don't think I could have figured it all out on my own... and I am 
proficient with both Photoshop and computers. As problems crop up with my 
work or my customers, I am sure to need even more of their great tech. 

I have found Piezography to be more compatible with my Leica sensibilities 
than I thought I would. The fine papers available make for nice 
objects-d-art...different from silver, but wonderful in its own way. 
According to Cone's people, it is actually technically possible to capture 
more tonality with their inks than silver paper...I have not really achieved 
this yet personally...but I will report here if I do. I have found the people 
involved with this process to be very compatible (and in many cases 
overlapping) with Leica aficionados.

The Nikon scanner is a work of art. It is small, 4000 dpi and I can't see 
anyone not being happy with the scans for the class it is in. Very nice 
tonality and sharpness. I sell Imacon as well and it rivals the Imacon Photo 
for 35mm in my opinion. It is "Leica-Worthy" and can capture more of your 
Leica negs. than many of the other low end scanners. The LS-4000 doesn't have 
the many problems that the LS-8000 if you just need to do 35mm negs. 
you are in luck. The Sprintscan has not impressed me as much personally. I 
have heard that they can be had very cheaply though.

As an aside to the whole list, while I am still a one man camera shop, I 
think I may be the only dealer in NYC who is both an authorized Nikon USA 
dealer and an authorized Cone (piezography) dealer. I have started to stock 
inks, papers and kits as well as the Nikon scanners in case anyone else would 
like to do some one-stop shopping. :-) In general my prices are the same or 
better than Inkjet Mall for inks and kits and at least as good as B&H for 
scanners and digital cameras. (Nikon & Olympus mostly.)

With all of this said, Leica and Hasselblad are still my passions and my main 
lines. I think of piezography as a lot of Leica users a supplement 
to a wet darkroom and a fringe technology that is coming on at warp speed.

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