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Subject: Re: [Leica] How soft?
From: "W Larsen" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 11:36:17 -0800
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Feliciano writes:

> I just picked up a beautiful Summicron DR. I've heard all
the stories
> about
> how delicate the coating is on this lens and was wondering
just HOW soft
> it
> really is? If I ever had to clean it, what would be the
best way to do
> so?
> Will the coating be attacked by lens cleaning fluids? I'm
guessing wet
> tissue
> is gentler than cloth. Any ideas? Comments? Warnings?

I use the same era Summicron.  I have never quite understood
how people get the coating scratched.  I only clean my
lenses, at the most, once a year.  In between cleanings, I
use a soft camel hair brush (lipstick-tube type) to keep
dust off the glass surfaces (front and back).  I flick the
dust rather than do a "healthy scrubbing."

Your phrase "wet tissue" bothers me a bit.  If you feel the
need to use tissue, make sure you have all of the dust off
of the lens first.  Make sure you tear the tissue so that
you have a ragged edge.  Use just a drop of lens cleaning
fluid (I learned this from experience when I destroyed a
lens by having the tissue soaked).

If you get a fingerprint on the lens, it is time to clean it
as soon as possible...acids and oils can permanently etch
the surface.

Regards, Bill Larsen

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