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Subject: Re: [Leica] Non-Leica lenses for available light
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:36:08 -0800
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I use Olympus SLR cameras a lot too (my Leica R collection is limited to an R3
safari and summilux) and I realy love the Zuiko 55 f1.2 - it is an older lens,
quite large, and it takes gorgeous pictures, especially wide open. It has a very
smooth out of focus area, and it focuses very close. The color is a tad warm, I
think this lens yellows with age due to some radioactive component, but I use
that to my advantage too. For $200 it is a great high speed lens, probably not on
par with a Noctilux, but then what is? There is a newer 50mm 1.2 that owners rave
about, but I have never tried it myself. Unfortunately, I know of no way to mount
my OM lenses to my M6 (or R3). Fortunately, the OM-1 is a wonderful camera :)

I love Leica cameras, but I would not limit my usable collection to just Leica -
there is a lot of other fun and high quality equipment out there to enjoy!
'sides, I cannot afford that much German glass...

- - marc wrote:

> Following up on this thread, what about some of the more famous SLR available
> light lenses such as the Canon 55F1.2L/Aspheric, 50F1.2L and 85F1.2L lenses,
> the Nikon 58F1.2 Noct and 85F1.4 versus their M counterparts? Ignoring for
> the moment, the fact that a RF camera will have a 1 to 2 stop camera shake
> advantage, is there "something else" that a "specialty" SLR lens can do that
> a Summicron cannot that would make it worthwhile to get and use a lens like a
> Canon L??? Canon implies in it's literature that use of aspherics allow
> electric lighting (neon and etc.) to be better recorded than non-aspheric. In
> short, wide open, how would a SLR aspheric fare against an equivalent focal
> length Summicron--each on a tripod? And then WITHOUT the tripod?
> Alex
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