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Subject: Re: [Leica] wk44/sl/Truckstops
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 01:10:11 -0500

> Hi Steve,
> I like the main pic, but I like the alternate better. The people are out of
> focus, yes, but as you say the ketchup bottle on the counter is such an
> ubiquitous feature of diners that it is entirely appropriate to focus on it.
> the people are still very recognizable.
> These two pictures remind me of my annual Thanksgiving trip to visit my family
> in Florida during the 5 years we lived in New Jersey (1990-95). We drove the
> 1100 miles, starting around 10-11 p.m. so as to pass the big cities
> (Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond) during the night and avoid the
> traffic. Breakfast was often ingested around 6 a.m. in a place just as you
> depict, somewhere in one of the Carolinas.
> Nathan


Thanks for the comments. It seems that the consensus with my PAW so far is I
can be counted on to pick the wrong picture. Looking back at my previous
weeks I think I know why.

Because I have spent my working career in advertising/publishing--designing
ads and editorial pages I have always favored 'busyness' in those designs, I
just like to see lots of things going on with my ads or edit pages. Busyness
seems to grab the eye more than a lot of greyness on the printed page. So I
think that possibly when I look at two pictures to decide which is better, I
go for the busy looking one. And looking back at many of my photos I can see
that busy look.

Just a thought, someday I will tell you about my theory on the 'creative use
of white space' and how it applies to photography.


> Steve LeHuray wrote:
>> SonC's Diner pictures prompted me use this Truck Stop photo. Diners have
>> been a great American institution (particularly in the North East) but truck
>> stops are all over the entire continent and are almost like small villages
>> in some cases. If you live in a desolate rural area and need interesting
>> photos, guaranteed you will find them at the truck stop on the Interstate.
>> Some of the most interesting characters you will ever meet are truck
>> drivers, over the years I have met several PHD's who gave up all those years
>> of education for the romance of the open road, including my own father who
>> gave up a successful career as a CPA because he heard the call of the road.
>> I took this main PAW picture last week at a Pennsylvania truck stop while
>> driving to Ted's workshop in Maine. On the alternate, yes I know the people
>> are out of focus, instead my camera was focused on the ketchup bottle which
>> you will find on every diner and truck stop counter in the world:
>> To see the complete PAW:
>> All comments are welcome.
>> sl
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