Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/11/05

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Subject: [Leica] re: vs digital (canon at javitz)
From: Kyle Cassidy <>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:52:27 -0500

> I was at the Photo Expo in New York on Friday.  Canon had an
> interesting
> digital photography exhibition.  They stuck a model in a small
> studio
> setup, gave a photographer a D30 (Canon's "consumer" digital SLR, of
> modest specs), and started taking pictures.  The D30 does not use
> special lenses; it uses EOS lenses.  The photographer was using the
> 28-135mm zoom.  Moments after the picture was taken, it was
> transmitted
> to large video screens for the audience to see.  The photos were
> then    

i did see that exhibit, the results were remarkable, the printouts were
great, even huge, but i was really impressed with the skill of the
photographer who managed to take some extraordinary photographs of a model i
didn't think was that extraordinary, beautiful images. nice huge seven foot
softbox too, damn i need one of those. very low lighting too, it didn't seem
to be more than 250 watts of light coming out of that thing. but the results
were, indeed, very very nice.

the worst part about it was that the photographer kept talking.

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