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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT query: Nikon F2
From: Dan Cardish <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 11:07:48 -0400
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The F2 uses standard silver-oxide batteries, the same type that is used in
the M6 (SR-76??).  As far as the sticking meter needle goes, this could be
problematic.  The DP-2 prism which uses a CdS cell and a meter needle uses
something called a "ring resistor" which wears out over time and cannot be
replaced any longer.  The fact that your friend's is sticking could be just
due to a bit a dirt and grit in it, or it could also mean that the meter is
near the end of its life.  Of course, the camera will still function quite
well without a working meter, and of course it may be possible to find a
2nd hand metered prism (I managed to find a decent DP-12 at a camera flea
market, turning my old F2 into an F2AS).   I know that here in Canada Nikon
won't touch the camera with a 10ft pole, but there must be many independent
competent service people who could do a CLA on it.  A local facility quoted
me $150 CDN for mine, which would include replacing the foam seals etc.

dan c

At 10:26 AM 23-10-01 -0400, Chandos wrote:
>One of my long-suffering subjects at the Green Leafe surprised me yesterday 
>by producing a gadget bag containing a pretty full Nikon F2 kit--a gift 
>from her father.  She wanted me to "check out" the camera and to run over 
>the controls with her, which I happily did; but, I'm largely unfamiliar 
>with the F2 and have a couple of questions.  What are the proper meter 
>batteries?  Are they mercury or standard cells?
>The body seemed a bit battered but fundamentally sound.  The meter needle 
>sticks a little, which I attribute either to dirt and disuse or to improper 
>batteries.  Can any suggest a reputable tech for a CLA--and can anyone 
>guess at what a CLA should cost?
>Erin is dead serious about photography, but very shy.  I see this as an 
>opportunity to encourage the rising generation, so I'll appreciate any 
>pointers you can give me here--replies welcome on or off list.
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