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Subject: Re: [Leica] M camera parts now a long rant.
From: Alexey Merz <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 19:06:18 -0400

B.D. Colen wrote:
> Olympus is making far more than a 'run' in digital - Olympus is the no.
> 1 selling brand of digital cameras today - albeit most of them are P&S
> type models. But that is clearly where photography is going, so more
> power to Olympus for leading the pack for once, rather than trailing
> behind.

As B.D. says, Olympus have not been asleep- they've just been 
active in markets that 35 mm SLR customers might not have been 
watching. Olympus research microscopes kick ass - have for some 
time now - and this is well known in both the research and clinical 

We've looked hard at top-line research 'scopes from Nikon, Leica 
(now a finanacially independent entity from the camera group), 
Zeiss and Olympus. We're down to Zeiss and Olmympus, and if Zeiss 
wins it will be due to the fit of feature list to our specific 
application, *not* optical or mechanical superiority. So our 
question is: a German microscope with a Japanese (Hamamatsu) CCD 
camera? Or a Japanese microscope with a German CCD camera 

I should be confronted by choices like this all the time ;-).

Alexey Merz
Department of Biochemistry
Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover NH 03755-3844 |
603-650-1702 |

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