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Subject: [Leica] [Fwd: Re: [CVUG] "Topolino Images"]
From: Phil Stiles <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:29:15 -0400

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Subject: Re: [CVUG] "Topolino Images"
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:26:08 -0400
From: Phil Stiles <>
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Absolutely stunning, Tom. It instantly leaps into the pantheon of
classic images. wrote:
>  As I am just leaving for the hospital I decided to share  some pictures by
> "Topolino Images". They will give the various list-members something to do
> between discussions about baseplate tape and filters.
>  The "Topolino Images" is a  newssmall Co-Op Photo Agency, consisting of
> Chris Cameron, Gary Blakeley, and myself. It started with lofty ideals such
> as "What do we do with the pictures that we took in Cuba" and, the most
> important question of them all "If this is an official Organization, can we
> deduct dinners, lunches, and film for tax-purposes?". The fact that Cuba was
> chosen for the first subject was somewhat accidental. Chris has been there
> several times, covering the music scene and has a large body of work, I went
> there with Chris last December and shot for a week, and Gary went a bit later
> and spent two weeks. This is the view of three different photographers, doing
> photography for the enjoyment of it.
>  For those ignorant about the origin of the Topolino monniker! It was a small
> Fiat, produced between 1936 and 1955 in various disguises. It had a tiny 500
> cc (later 599 cc) water cooled engine up front, gas-tank placed behind the
> engine, 4 speed transmission and  two bucket seats and a canvas sunroof. It
> was the Italian equivalent of the Volkswagen and the Citroen 2CV. I had a
> couple of these cars in the early 60's. Sporty yes, fast no! Top-speed on a
> good day was 60 mph, preferably downhill, but mileage was good. Topolino
> means "Little Mouse" or "Mickey Mouse" as the standard color was a gray
> "mousy" color. For decades, a large proportion of the Italian families
> traveled in their Topolino's. In spite of being only a nominal 2-seater, it
> could accommodate a whole family, pick-nick basket, wine-bottles, etc for a
> seaside outing. In temperament the Topolino was very much like the small dog
> with a big ego. In it's little 4 cylinder heart it thought of itself as a
> Ferrari and would valiantly take on any other car on the road. We thought
> that the name suited our venture.
> You can see our pictures at:
> Tom A, Gary B, and Chris C
> Vancouver, BC
> Canada
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