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Subject: [Leica] fs: 10/19/01 leicas
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 02:08:57 EDT

Our phone number is (646) 613-1107, and I will also call you back if you 
email your number...
- -------------------
Finally here! IN STOCK!
Erwin Putts, The Leica Lens Compendium, US version, hc, was $59, now $49.

Voigtlander 15f4.5 Super Wide Heliar, w/finder, New, USA $425 
Voigtlander 21f4.0 with finder, black or chrome: $400
Voigtlander 28f1.9 black or chrome $495
Voigtlander 90f4 Lanthar, new USA lens much like Tele Elmar, $395
Voigtlander Bubble Level, New $125
Voigtlander double shoe adapter, RARELY AVAILABLE, New, boxed $79
Voigtlander Rapid Winder for Bessa T, $169

Starting to ship NOW:
1.25x Viewfinder Magnifier (14004) is coming in! It changes a .58 finder into 
a .72. A $50 deposit will hold your place in line for this $229 accessory. 
(approx. 3 weeks...)
- -------------------

20-60x Occular for Televid 77, like new demos, 1 year warr. 'sealed in bag' 
boxed $285
Minilux Zoom Mint demo, 1 year US warr. $605
Domke F5xb bag, Camel, factory samples, near Mint, perfect M bag for 1 body 
and 2 or 3 lenses, small and well layed out: was $45, now $40
Domke F803 bag, Camel, factory samples, (most are Mint) classic reporters 
bag: $55
Domke F803 ballastic black nylon armored bags, New, USA (in stock) $89.95
Domke F6 Emarald Edition, with leather trim, nice looking! $79.95
Minox TLX with chain & case set, Mint sample, one year USA warranty. Was 
$995, now $599
Minox "M3 classic camera" New, USA $399
Flash for all Minox Classic Cameras $129
- --------------------
Black Paint Lenses: LAST CHANCES...

35f2.0 ASPH black paint, new, 3 year no-fault warranty (after rebate) $1595
50f1.4 Summilux black paint, new, 3 year no-fault warranty (after rebate) 
$1895! (one left)
- --------------------

Leica M Bodies, Lenses, Finders and Motor Drives

21/24/28 Tri Finder, black, New, USA $349
Leica M Motor Drive, Mint demo, boxed, US warr. $495
Abrahamsson Winder, black, Exc+/Exc++, no dents, some edge wear $450
Leica Ever Ready Case, M6, "normal" New Style, black leather $149
Leica M6 MILLENNIUM, black, New in box complete, black paint! Only 2k made 
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Mint-, USA demos, 1 year warr. $1350
Leica M6 TTL .58 demo, USA warr., chrome, In stock, $1395! 
LLeica M6 TTL .85 demo, USA warr., black, In stock, $1395! 
eica M6 black .72 "classic" Exc++/Mint- $1395
Leica M3 SS, chrome, Exc+, mechanically 100%, recent overhaul $1100
Leica CL, Exc+, working fine, bright finder $625
Leica 24mmf2.8 ASPH Elmarit, Silver, USA demo $1795
Leica 28f2.0 Summicron ASPHERIC, black, IN STOCK, $1645 (only one at this 
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH black, near Mint/boxed, hood and hood cap. $899  
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH SILVER, Mint/LN demo, 1 year USA warranty was $1145  
Leica 35f1.4 ASPH silver, Mint demo w/US 1 year warr. $1895
Leica 50f1.0 Noctilux, latest, near Mint demo, boxed, US warr. was $2045, now 
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux black chrome, Wetzlar, Exc+ with Mint glass $850 
Leica 50f2.8 Elmar collap., latest, chrome, 1 year US warr., was $545, now 
Leica 90f2.0 APO ASPH, black, near Mint demo, boxed, US warr. was $1595, now 
Leica 90f2.8 Elmarit, chrome, Wetzlar, Exc++ $395
Leica TRI ELMAR, NEW STYLE, rare Mint demo, 1 year US warr. boxed, E49 $1645 
***this weeks web special***
Leica Tri Elmar "old style" E55, chrome (scarce), Exc++ demo, 1 year US warr. 
Leica Polarizer Holder for Tri Elmar, view through Polarizer with rangefinder 
Leica SF20 flash, new $209
- -------------------
Leica R bodies, lenses, Motors and accessories

Leica R7 body, black, late, near Mint $995
Leica R6.2 body, black, US demo, Mint, 1 year warr. $1295
Leica Ever Ready Case for R8 with Motor Winder R, demo, no box $99
Leica Motor Drive R, for R4-R7, quiet and small, nice package, US demo 
w/warr. $395
Leica SL2, black, working fine! Exc/Exc+ $900
Leica R 1.4x APO Extender, latest, 1 year warr. $799
Leica 16f2.8 "fish eye" 3 cam lens, discontinued, near Mint with internal 
filters $845
Leica 28f2.8 Elmarit, latest, E55 ROM, boxed, 1 year US warr. $1245
Leica 28f2.8 Elmarit, Exc/Exc-, caps/shade, great glass $345
Leica 35f2.0 Summicron, black, 1 year US warr., latest, ROM $1295
Leica 35f1.4 Summilux, black, latest, 1 year USA, ROM $1955
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux, 3 cam, Exc+ with Mint glass $575
Leica 60f2.8 Macro, 3 cam, Mint with caps/pull out shade, last before ROM $995
Leica 100f2.8 APO Elmarit, Macro, new import $1795
Leica 180f2.0 APO Summicron "the big one" rare used, ROM, pull out shade $3499
Leica 500f8 mirror lens, case, filters, Like New was $895
Leica 28-70f3.5 Vario Elmarit, shade, caps, boxed, near Mint/Mint $495! 
***this weeks web special***

Please call (646) 613-1107 and leave a message if I'm not in. Or email for 
quick replies...
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