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Subject: [Leica] Re 24x36 CCD
From: Simon Stevens <>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:23:16 -0400

Joe wrote:

>Supposedly Contax is working on a digital camera with a 24x36 sensor.
>introduction is behind schedule by some months. The camera supposedly
>use the current Contax N1 autofocus and 645 lenses .

This is exactly what I was suggesting in my original post.  If Contax
and Zeiss can do it (and it looks like it will be soon) so could Leica
with the appropriate collaboration. And if Leica won't put it together,
what's the betting that Cosina or Konica will?  Yes, I'm sure it won't
fit in an M body, but if it is a rangefinder and takes M lenses it would
still be smaller than an SLR (no mirror box) and you wouldn't have to
duplicate lenses. M lenses are also small, so regardless you have a
portability edge.

Dumbed down lenses?  Don't the Nikon and Canon digital bodies use the
same lenses as film?  Do news photographers who carry both film and
digital Nikons or Canons carry duplicate lenses? As for losing Leica
quality, this is a digital option we are talking about, not a
replacement.  In time I'm sure digital will replace film, but for now
it's enough to add the convenience of speed for certain applications.

In any case, whether the full resolution of Leica lenses gets used in a
digital medium or not, is it not fair to assume that faster apertures,
higher contrast, better flare control, nicer bokeh and considerably
smaller barrel size are things that will transfer to the new medium and
be useful? I think so. Add to that the enormous value of having already
spent thousands on lenses which you don't want to replacve or duplicate
unnecessarily and I think you have a market. A small one maybe, but a

I'm sorry if I sound argumentative, but this "the dissertation says it
can't be done" argument is like arguing that heavier than air airplanes
can't fly or iron boats sink. If there is a market, somebody will make
it work.

Simon Stevens

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