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Subject: Re: [Leica] filters or scratches (Clear Plastic Tape / Camera destruction)
From: "Mārtiņš Zelmenis" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 16:37:36 +0200

Thank-you, Henry,
I like your answer - it makes real sense to me.


>Dear friends,
>I can't get one thing together: it's been continuously stated that <lens
>front/rear element scratches don't visibly influence image quality> - am I
>right? And why is it presumed that quality filters (Leica, B+W, et al.) do
>influence such a quality??

A scratch on the rear element is possibly the worst.
A little tiny one you might not notice though.
The front may be less of a problem.

IMO, Filters are for when you need one. Like a color filter for B&W 
effects or color correction/adjustment for color film. Or maybe under 
really harsh conditions a filter might be wise protection. Otherwise 
don't use one as it might degrade the image. Or it might be fine.

Try it with and without and see what happens. 
If you can't see a difference then don't worry.

Given my choice, I'll take no scratches or filters but sometimes you have 
scratches and sometimes you need the filter effect. 
If the filter makes the picture better - use one.

Its about the picture.

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