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Subject: [Leica] "Topolino Images"
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 12:57:54 EDT

 As I am just leaving for the hospital I decided to share  some pictures by 
"Topolino Images". They will give the various list-members something to do 
between discussions about baseplate tape and filters.
 The "Topolino Images" is a  newssmall Co-Op Photo Agency, consisting of 
Chris Cameron, Gary Blakeley, and myself. It started with lofty ideals such 
as "What do we do with the pictures that we took in Cuba" and, the most 
important question of them all "If this is an official Organization, can we 
deduct dinners, lunches, and film for tax-purposes?". The fact that Cuba was 
chosen for the first subject was somewhat accidental. Chris has been there 
several times, covering the music scene and has a large body of work, I went 
there with Chris last December and shot for a week, and Gary went a bit later 
and spent two weeks. This is the view of three different photographers, doing 
photography for the enjoyment of it.
 For those ignorant about the origin of the Topolino monniker! It was a small 
Fiat, produced between 1936 and 1955 in various disguises. It had a tiny 500 
cc (later 599 cc) water cooled engine up front, gas-tank placed behind the 
engine, 4 speed transmission and  two bucket seats and a canvas sunroof. It 
was the Italian equivalent of the Volkswagen and the Citroen 2CV. I had a 
couple of these cars in the early 60's. Sporty yes, fast no! Top-speed on a 
good day was 60 mph, preferably downhill, but mileage was good. Topolino 
means "Little Mouse" or "Mickey Mouse" as the standard color was a gray 
"mousy" color. For decades, a large proportion of the Italian families 
traveled in their Topolino's. In spite of being only a nominal 2-seater, it 
could accommodate a whole family, pick-nick basket, wine-bottles, etc for a 
seaside outing. In temperament the Topolino was very much like the small dog 
with a big ego. In it's little 4 cylinder heart it thought of itself as a 
Ferrari and would valiantly take on any other car on the road. We thought 
that the name suited our venture. 

You can see our pictures at:

Tom A, Gary B, and Chris C
Vancouver, BC
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