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Subject: Re: [Leica] 75mm Summilux vs. 90mm APO summicron
From: "Don Dory" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 23:04:43 -0400
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First, check the LUG archives as this has come up before.

I will however bite the hook as I seem to own every  50mm F2.0 lens Leica
ever made including some variations of the same design as I just had to know
what they really looked like.  It's a disease.  Fight it or face constant
drains on your finances.

Now back to our regularly scheduled LUG discussion.

Without a doubt if you do not want to shoot at F1.4 then the 90 APO is the
way to go.  It is smaller and sharper at F2.0 especially in the outer zones.
Also, it is smaller and lighter.  The new 90 is not quite as good in the
transition to OOF as it is more abrupt, nor does the OOF look as smooth as
the 75.  Bear in mind these are small differences that you see somewhere
beyond 11X14 using a high acutance film and really good technique.  Another
point is that many find the 75 frame lines confusing so heads get trimmed.
Last point, no matter which way you decide, you will have a lens beyond

Now, how about a disturbing thought.  If you aren't going to be shooting
around 1.4 to 2.0 very often or already have a 50 or 35 Summilux, have you
thought about the latest 90 Elmarit.  Small, very, very high image quality,
and can be had for half the price of the above.

You pay a pretty steep price to shoot wide open.  Focus has to be exact, the
equipment cost hundreds more, it weighs more, and it will partially block
your viewfinder.  The flip side is you have images that look like no one
else has no matter how much money they spend or how good they are unless
they are using similar equipment.  What's similar?  The 110 F2.0 lens for
the Hasselblad system.  Some would say the 85 F1.4 for the Contax system; a
few brave souls on this list would say the 85 1.4's or 1.2's from the
Japanese houses.  My experience is that wide open the contrast is not in the
same ballpark and the outer zones don't hold up as well from the Japanese

One of many posts in response to your question.

Don Dory

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